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God’s Word has gone deep into Africa

Greetings to everyone in the name of Jesus! Summer’s over (sadly) but there is still plenty of sunshine and heat. For everyone over there, the big chill is over and spring’s in the air.


Several churches began their own internal Bible collections for the container. Overwhelmingly, the Kentwood Christian Church collected the most – over 1,500 Bibles and New Testaments. Two other congregations, The United Church in Los Alamos (NM) and the Holy Cross in Bluffton (SC) also made the call and shipped the Bibles to Michigan. Neither church had ever participated before. Also, two individuals helped a great deal. Kim Wilson (Zephyr Hills, FL) and Jeff Cook (Stroh, IN) personally packed several boxes of Bibles and Christian books. I am sure there were others, too, but these are the ones that had marked their boxes and that I knew about. Certainly, there were many more. By far, there were more Bibles in this last container than any other – over 6,000, new and used!Read More

Steve’s Prayer Update April 2016

Wednesday morning before the Easter weekend, a  beautiful day in Cape Town, sunny, bright and warm. Sara and I decided to take a friend, Ross, to breakfast at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the city. We’d just ordered and I was explaining to Ross how my wife Sana, started designing and making leather handbags by hand. Except, I started slurring like an angry five year old who had hi ice cream taken away. Sara immediately rose and said that we were going to the hospital! She cancelled the breakfast order and asked Ross if he could drive a stick shift. (The car we came in wasn’t an automatic and she can’t drive stick.)Read More