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Wallason from Zambia

The ministry of the South African Christian Mission is at the heart of providing practical Christian teaching through the Cape Bible Seminary classes with Steve and the gospel 101 team. The resources through the Bible’s for Africa program continue to provide the basis for the gospel message spreading far into Africa.

On the northern border of South Africa is Zimbabwe, formerly known as Southern Rhodesia. On Zimbabwe’s northern border is Zambia, previousl Northern Rhodesia. Bro Wallason has been preaching and teaching near Livingstone, the capital. Somehow, he heard of the free edistribution of Bibles and e-mailed me that he needed boxes of Bibles.Read More

On A Personal Note May 2016

Yes, I had a stoke but I have completely recovered without impairment or disability. My sister caught it early and I was rushed to the only hospital in the vicinity that had a specialized Stroke Trauma Unit. They acted swiftly and within 15 minutes of my symptoms of slurring, I was treated. My doctor has changed my blood pressure meds, told me to SLOW DOWN and I’m feeling chipper. I appreciate all the prayers raised to our Father on my behalf. He has answered in such a marvellous way. It is only by His mercy and grace that I am restored.Read More

Graaff-Reiner Workshop Overwhelming Success

Bros Eric, Barry, Hamilton and Linda have not been idle. Together with the fractionated local churches in Graaff-Reinet (Approx. 7 hours drive from Cape Town in the eastern Cape.), they planned an open workshop on the theme, The Fundamentals of Christianity. The Team funded this themselves but the churches were so eager to help that they paid for the venue, a conference room at one of the local hotels. Roger Dickson, another missionary serving in Cape Town, and I were the only speakers. (Roger publishes Christian books and articles as well as a Biblical Research Library on DVD.)

The response was startling. Over 40 church leaders, school teaches and pastors attended from various independent congregations. They responded positively to the teaching and discussions. During the midday meal, there was so much talk and discussion that it took awhile to continue with the afternoon sessions.Read More