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Cape Bible Seminary & Mission Updates

Cape Bible Seminary

I met Bro Honore at a gathering hosted by Bro Roger Dickson. He approached me to teach CBS classes in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. He ministers to a small group of mixed people – Zimbabwean, Malawian, local and Congolese Christians. (English is the teaching medium.) They have responded so well to the classes that there is a regular Thursday night session. Bro Wallason was able to meet them, too, so there is a solid connection between the two groups. This is the literature following the CBS teaching kind of cooperation and the spirit of unity that is so badly needed.

Cape Bible Seminary class breaks for lunch in Hermanus.

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Merry Christmas! – 2016

Merry Christmas! I love that sound and our new President has said it himself. Not that it will change people’s hearts and minds but that it reminds us all that it is the one time of year when Jesus is remembered globally. Now, it is up to us to take the message of the gospel to the lost so that their hearts and minds can be truly changed!

God’s blessing of peace to each and every one of you.

Steve and Sana Zimmerman

Bibles For Africa Project 2016 Update

 Bibles For Africa Project

A 20’ container arrived in August 2016 and it contained nearly 7,000 Bibles, thanks to the efforts of so many churches, Sunday Schools and individuals. Churches and groups came from far and wide to collect Bibles for those who had none. There were several boxes of French N.T. and Bibles, which are distributed among the Francophone refugees from Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Gabon, Cameron and Ivory Coast – these are generally the poorest people who are so far from home and seek the comfort of the Word. It won’t take long before our supply has been depleted.Read More