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Pray For Steve’s Furlough 2017

Steve will be returning on a new schedule for this year. He will arrive in the middle of May. Steve will be the featured missionary this summer at Lake James Christian Camp And Retreat Center in Angola, IN.

Steve will be visiting supporting churches and individuals during his stay. One of the key goals is to seek new support. There is a real need for the Mission to have several additional churches or individuals supporting the work. Read More

Steve & Sana Safe After Car Accident

We are thankful that Steve and Sana are safe. Now we are praying that the insurance company will complete their part so Steve can look for another vehicle. Steve wrote:

“About two weeks ago, Sana and I were on our way to the freeway near our home and as I crossed the street, a company pick-up T-boned us smashing into the rear wheel, passenger’s side.Read More