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Security Alert Update – Steve Arrives Safely

Greetings All,

A quick update.

The protests were very active and loud along the highway to Port Elizabeth. I left at 5 am to miss most of the chaos out of the city. The streets were empty and quiet.

Along the route, several protests blocked the highway and I had to detour through side roads and streets around them. The police were vigilant and watchful.Read More


Greetings all,

I just received this warning this morning from the US Consulate.

Gospel 101 and I Will be on the road to PE in the southern cape tomorrow. We will be there for the weekend conduct a workshop for the youth.

We need urgent prayer for safety not only for ourselves but for those who want to attend the workshop, too.

I’ll e-mail you again once we get back to Cape Town.

Greetings all


NOTE: Attached is the Security Message from the Embassy. Read More