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Cape Bible Seminary Report 2017

Since October last year, I have been teaching every Thursday evening with Bro Honore and his church in Retreat, about 10 miles away across the city. I met Honore at a Christian fellowship and recognized that he wasn’t local. So I spoke to him in KiSwahili and he was shocked to hear his home language, which no on in SA speaks. I helped him with a few Bibles and the congregation asked me to teach CBS classes as well as minister one Sunday morning per month. They are going through a difficult time.

Also, a small church in Bishop Lavis, where Ntobie’s wife, Sylvie and her daughter attend, asked for Regular CBS classes every Wednesday evening. Read More

Bibles For Africa Project June 2017

Greetings in Christ! It is good to be present with all of you for this special time of sharing and fellowship. Cape Town is experiencing a severe drought and the projection for winter rains(Jun-Sept) aren’t that positive. We need prayer!


The stacks of Bibles have slowly been decreasing and only ten boxes of new NIVs are left. Rg remaining boxes of used  Bibles and Christian books number about 50. We will run out shortly.

Bro Wallason from Zambia (2000 miles north) came down twice and took about 50 boxes with him to the Christian in southern Zambia. (He ministers to about 200 churches number 65,000 believers.) He is due to visit in June 2017 with his wife and several pastors so I am sure he wants more!Read More