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Bible Ambassadors 2017

Patrick Gill, Kentwood’s minister, (Grand Rapids) is issuing a challenge to the churches round and about to gather the full 20,000 Bibles for the container! He has asked a network of church member to be ambassadors to gather 500-1000 Bibles each.

If you are willing to be a ‘Bible Ambassador’ please email or call 616.915.2224 and let him know.

From their Facebook post:

Will you be a Bible Ambassador?

A Bible Ambassador commits to raising 500-1000 Bibles (the Bibles can be used or new, paperback, hardback, leather, any size or color, but must be a modern English translation and Study Bibles are the gold standard) by reaching out to communicate, promote, and get individuals and churches involved in collecting Bibles.Read More

Team South Africa Report 2017

Jim and Shirley Neuenschwander as well as Mattie and Dan McLaughlin visited the city this year. It was great to have fellowship and see familiar faces. It was Dan’s first visit to SA to see the work his father and mother have been involved in. they spent two weeks in Cape Town sort of a busman’s holiday, sites seeing but also visiting the children’s ministries, churches and theGospel 101 team. I am sure they call took plenty of photos and videos and can personally share what they saw and experienced. The Neuenschwanders helped the work financially, too, which was greatly appreciated.

Rusty Draper (Zephyrhills, FL) also visited on a short term mission and helped substantially. He has a singing ministry (Southern Country Gospel) which every church and congregation enjoyed immensely. Together with the Gospel 101 Team, we drove to Swellendam (2 hours through the mountains) and ministered to the believers one Sunday morning. Bro Soga, the elder, commented afterwards that he wished Rusty would return in September when it was his birthday so he could sing gospel songs!

Rusty contributed to the new church building which the Christians have been steadily constructing. They were a few courses short of roof height andRusty ensured that they had the necessary bricks to get there. He also donated funds to the Gospel 101 Team and also TLC/Ingwe Care. Rusty was not idle and used his building skills to repair and restore part of the house under the TLC Trust. From South Africa, he left for Kenya to sing and speak at a Christian conference in Nairobi. Our thanks to him for his generosity of spirit and financial help.

Julia Scare informed us regarding Brian de Cook and his ministry. Brian and his family came toSA to conduct a workshop in Pretoria (1000 miles north) and spent a few days in Cape Town fora sightseeing side trip. Sara and I were able to meet with them and share the work of the Mission. We made solid contact and I will be visiting with them during my furlough to see how we can work together. His ministry is called: PeaceFire.