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Short Term Mission Update January 2017

Heather (Springfield OH) and Sydney (Fremont, IN) arrived in Cape Town on Cot 12th 2017. I met Sydney while she worked at the Lake James Christian camp where I was based on furlough for the summer.

She immediately responded to the invitation to come to South Africa. I also met Heather there during the Mission’s week at the end of July. She was already planning to do mission work in Africa and I asked her to come to Cape Town to gain experience and see where the might fit in. Both women did such wonderful work and made good contacts with TLC/Ingwe Care, the various children’s ministries, as well as local churches. Both taught classes in the Cape Bible Seminary sessions and also spoke to the youth and on Sunday worship services.

Heather is gathering support to return full time as an African missionary.

Gospel 101 Team Update – January 2017

It has been over four months since I returned on furlough to Cape Town. So much has
happened so quickly.

Without me being present to help, the Team organized and conducted a Youth Seminar in Philedephlia, a 20 minute drive outside Cape Town to the north. Young Christian men and
women attended and were encouraged to take part in ministries within their own communities.

The follow up was hosted by Roger Dickson in the northern suburbs of Cape Town shortly after

I returned. Heather Burton and Sydney Spurgeon on a short term mission were also able to attend the large gathering and meet with the various churches, community works and youth. The Team is planning new events for 2018.