The response to this initiative has been overwhelming! So many have encouraged their congregations to participate. Patrick Gill spread the word for Bible Ambassadors and set targets for the collection of Bibles. Our goal was 20,000. The kids coming to Lake James Christian camp collected 1500 alone. Since then, the total has increased to over 23,000! This is a tremendous response by so many.

There is one major problem. MOL Shippers, who previously have waived the sea freight costs from a US port to Cape Town,  are unable to do the same for the next container. I have been in regular contact with Herschel at MOL, who has been extremely helpful and his news is Good News/Bad News like the old vaudeville routine. MOL is amalgating with two other shipping companies into one global shipping line. Personnel have been laid off, transferred or quit. It will take some time for the dust to settle but Herschel has told me that as soon as he can, he will arrange for me to speak to the new executive management. So, for the moment, we must see if we can find other means to ship the containers of Bibles and search for sponsors.