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CBS Update – Riverview Youth

Lately, I have been concentrating on teaching practical Christian ministries with a view to involve every individual in the class (sample attached with this article). Within ten days, the youth at the Congolese church in Riverview organized their own youth workshop last weekend! This was spontaneous and well done on such a short notice. They didn’t involve me or the Gospel 101 Team, concentrating on their friends and neighbors to come along. I had to postpone a meeting on Saturday afternoon after being asked to speak at the opening session.

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The Drought & IDES

Greetings to everyone in the name of Jesus! Summer’s over but there is still plenty of sunshine and heat. For everyone over on your wide of the pond, the big chill is over and spring’s in the air.

The worst drought in living memory has struck the city and the Western Cape Province. We are on severe water restrictions, limited to 10 gallons per person per day for all use. Day Zero was scheduled for April, then May and now perhaps postponed if the winter rains arrive in May/June. The Cape has always been blessed with winter rainfall and everyone has had to learn to do with less. Our African brethren are the worst effected, particularly the IngweCare/TLC children’s ministries. However, with Walt’s help, we are approaching IDES to install huge water tanks for their use. The drought will have serious knock-on effects since crops yields aren’t nearly as fruitful. Increase prices have already bitten.

Cape Bible Seminary July 2018

I returned from furlough in mid-Sept 2017 and was immediately besieged with requests for classes. Aside from a short summer break in December, the classes run Tues/Thursday in various parts of the city. Surprisingly, a small group of evangelical Catholics have asked me to teach on Monday evenings and I have an invitation to lead a weekday evening service! Two of the regular CBS classes are conducted in Congolese church groups, one of them having to translate into French and the other well versed already in English.

The Dean of the Theological Department at Stellenbosch University, Prof Jurgens Hendricks, has asked for copies of my bookRead More