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Container Unloaded!

The container was delivered and unloaded in quick time today! The team when to work and everything arrived safely.

The driver, Bro Prospur from Zimbabwe, was delighted to receive the very first Bible from the container load! He was so happy! In his cab, between loading and unloading, he keeps a book of Bible stories, which he reads every day!

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The Work Continues – Steve

Dear all —

First, let me express my thanks to everyone who has been in prayer for me prior to, during and after my operation. What began as a ‘simple’ procedure to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my nose turned into quite a drama. Last Thursday, when I awoke from the surgery under general, I had no urine flow. After a day of abdominal pain, I went to the ER and a catheter gave me such relief. Instead of my body returning to normal function, this condition continued. Finding a urologist on such short notice was difficult but a local doctor helped.

After checking the bladder, kidneys and everything else, It was discovered that I had an extremely swollen prostate gland. Surgery was required. Again, getting quotations and booking a bed was a bit hectic. I had to continue with the catheter until this could be resolved. Monday, I was admitted and surgery was done that evening. I was bedridden for five days. There was more pain from the clamps used to close the bikini cut (they don’t use stitches anymore) than anything else. I was hooked up to drips, machines and other mysterious appliances like I was being sent into orbit. Finally, I was released on Friday. I wanted to update everyone via e-mail but I was just too exhausted after lying in bed for five days!

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Steve Surgery Update

Just a small update on Steve.

He went into surgery around 4:00 pm today and came back into his room around 7:30 pm He is in pain, in and out of sleep.

From what I understand from the head nurse (they call them Sisters here)…  She told me they had to make an incision lower abdomen.

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