Steve Zimmerman, Missionary to South Africa, email

Board of Directors

All of the SACM Board Members are totally unpaid volunteers.

Bea Mielke (Lakeland, FL) Bookkeeper, email

Stephen Hamilton (LaGrange, IN) President, email

Pam Hamilton (LaGrange, IN) Secretary, email

Shirley Neuenschwander (Reading, MI) Treasurer, email

David Foust (Coldwater, MI) Bible Drive Captain, email

Walt Mielke (Lakeland, FL) Forwarding Agent, email

Latson, Martha (Angola, IN) Board Member

McLaughlin, Mattie (Highlands Ranch, CO) Board Member, email

Neuenschwander, Jim (Reading, MI) Board Member, email

Roberts, Mike (Bronson, MI) Board Member, email

Scare, Julia (Fort Wayne, IN) Board Member, email

Todd, Ruth (Coldwater, MI) Board Member, email