This week I was busy visiting our students in their areas of service, it was also time to meet our graduates who are also busy in their different congregations making an impact in the work here in Cameroon

These are the Christians in Cameroon (in the corner of Africa above the Congo). They call every now and then to ‘report’, which they don’t have to do to me but they do out of courtesy. A few refugees have returned on occasion and leave their Bibles there. When they come back to Cape Town, they ask for another. So, the Bibles for Africa Project reaches into the uttermost parts of Africa!



Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon, I do hope you are all doing okay in the family there. We are trying our best here, many are still down in health even my sons. Keep them in your prayers.

CBIW students ended their campaign today and it transit them to their different homes for vacation and they will come back to school this Saturday for the last quarter of their first year of studies in CBI. God is doing great things in the life of many this way and we continue to rejoice in the Lord.


1 On the 17 of October , we shall make a trip with all the students to Mbanga congregation for a four days effective evangelism to help the young congregation there.

Shows me in a train station ready to travel to areas that our students are serving .It was a hectic week and we meet lots of people sharing the good news to them , making them to turn their eyes to the savior who readily awaits them to come for their salvation.


God bless you as we appreciate God for you standing by us to make known the gospel to many and also to train men to preach the gospel.

Do your best to share this report with others as we shall share with you next week concerning just ended campaign. God bless you.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW