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Gospel 101 Workshops

Gospel 101 is a team of four young African men being trained as evangelists. As a result they continue to take the Good News into areas they are assisting churches to reach out to the lost. Encouraging and motivating churches through workshops is the goal of the Gospel 101 team. They seek to empower others in practical ministries.Read More

Gospel 101 Group is Energized! – July 2014

The group is called Gospel 101 and it consists of four young African men who are being trained as evangelists — Barry, Eric, Hamilton, and Linda.

They meet once every two weeks to study, discuss and plan the best way to take the gospel to those who need to hear the message of Christ. Although they are all employed, none of the men have very little resources outside what they are able to save from their jobs. Yet, this hasn’t stopped them from traveling and speaking to different communities.

Their witness has been so strong that they have attracted other young people to help with the outreach. Next month, there is a workshop planned for a nearby township. On their own, Gospel 101 have put together an enthusiastic program of teaching and fellowship.

Please pray for their efforts. They are so eager to broadcast the Good News. Thank you for helping make their training possible. You are a valuable partner with me through your prayers and support!

Thank you,
Steve Zimmerman