We strive to model Christ’s example in seeking and saving the lost. It’s our hope that others will follow our example and that the lost would be saved.

Every Christian Involved – Teaching Today’s Leaders

One of the most crucial elements in the success of the mission is the understanding that no one individual or organization can accomplish this task. It requires participation of every believer wherever they may live and serve Christ.

Taking practical Bible studies to the people is vital to our work. We don’t wait for them to come to us but rather go to them regardless of where that takes the work.

Thinking of the Future – Teaching For Today’s Church

Many programs forget the original reason for their existence. Steve want to make sure the local churches will be able to carry on the mission without further outside missionary help. It is our goal to make this a reality within Steve’s lifetime.

Working Together Today – Teaching with Your Help Today

biblesEvery year has continued to bring new opportunities and unprecedented fruit. With no buildings to maintain there has been a great freedom to take the teaching to the people. The quality and reputation of Steve has opened doors which have never opened before.

We have done a tremendous  amount with very little resources. Yet today the growing cost of gasoline is our single greatest cost of the mission. Along with double digit inflation it has provided our number one obstacle.

Your help is needed now, more than ever, to meet the greatest opportunities we have ever seen. Thank you for your prayers and support!