Wallacedene Creche Upgrades

One of the areas TLC works in, is Wallacedene, which is an informal housing settlement on the eastern outskirts of Cape Town.  The settlement was established in the early 1980’s.  We have just completed the upgrading of 4 of the 15 ECD’s in the Wallacedene Forum that we work with and the LaFroggies Family (who have been our main donors for the past 8 years) and Puressentiel (for the past 1 ½ years) are both supporting this project.

The first upgrades to these creches began with fixing the roofs (as we are in the midst of our winter here in South Africa and it is very rainy and cold), fixing the electrical wiring and outlets, upgrading cupboards, outside paving, adding lights etc.  The first ECD you see in this picture, Iminam ECD, received the first hot water geyser and Grace, the principal, is a very happy camper.

Other current projects are: Three soup kitchens in Wallacedene (more to follow), knitting of scarves and hats and the collection of winter clothing, blankets etc for children and adults in the townships and the farm workers in the Cape Town surrounds.  We are reaching out to those who can and are willing to donate to this ongoing project.  So far we have had a good response and pray that this will be able to continue.