Where’s the Joy?

A simple letter to the Christians in Philippi explains the kind of joy and happiness from God that has no other understanding by those who don’t have Christ in their lives. We can experience temporary happiness when we achieve a personal goal or see our loved ones. Is there a joy that lasts forever?

Phil 1:14 – joy found in Christian prayer

Phil 1:18 – joy that Christ is being broadcast

Phil 1:25 – the joy of Christian faith

Phil 2:2 – the joy of Christians being in fellowship with one another

Phil 2:17-18 – the joy of sharing life no matter what happens

Phil 2:28 – the joy of news of loved ones

Phil 2:29 – the joy of hospitality

Phil 3:1 – the joy of being in Christ

Phil 4:1 – the joy of bringing Christ to others

Phil 4:4-7 – the joy of being at peace

Phil 4:10 – the joy of caring