Women of Worth Workshop

One of my favorite things to do in my ministry in encouraging women. On October 8th I had the honor and pleasure to present my “Women of Worth” full day workshop to a wonderful group of women in the community of Bishop Lavis. I created this workshop based on the 5 women listed in the lineage of Christ in Matthew. It shows how God chose 5 very unlikely women in order to show that no matter what we have done, where we are from or what has been done to us, God values us tremendously and even breaks cultural boundaries of women being mentioned in lineages to show our worth. This workshop is not just me speaking and encouraging the women, but also includes small group discussions and allows women to meet other Christian women to share their common struggles where they can encourage each other as well. It also includes some creativity on their part as each group either acts, sings or whatever they want to, in order to present which of the 5 women their group had to study. Then they teach the entire group about “their” woman. It is a lot of fun and lots of laughter!! There is also a craft time where the ladies can create a tangible item to take home and remind themselves of their worth. The other important aspect of this program is that we ask the men to cook, serve and clean up lunch as a way to show their support to the women and how they value them as well. I have done this workshop in several communities already. The feedback from this program has always been very positive and I have met so many amazing women through these workshops. I am so excited to continue this workshop and meet some more amazing women along the way who also share their encouraging stories with me.